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August 05, 2014


Magical Fireflies by Radim Schreiber

How much do you know about fireflies (also known as lightning bugs)? Have you seen them up close and personal? One summer in Iowa, a little child named Matthew, he was catching fireflies, and he had one firefly standing on his finger. We were both staring at the glowing bug, quietly, fascinated. ~ Anika
Firefly Experience by Radim Schreiber - Firefly Photography

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July 29, 2014


Cosmic Dance of Creation by Sejal Surendra Sood

The act is simple, but the impact indescribable. Rotation and repetition-some call it whirling, spinning, turning... I call it transcendence." ~ Sejal Sood

Sejal dwells artistically in a world that acknowledges no boundaries between art and dance and everyday life. Hers is a stretched canvas that incorporates her movements as a dancer just as easily it does her brush strokes. For her, dance is an all-encompassing experience going beyond mere movement and into the realm of the spiritual. Yet it is also a part of everyday life. She sees the cosmic dance of creation even in a meditative silence.

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July 22, 2014


Ballet Dancer

"I love photographing dancers; they have a natural grace and sensuality that translates so effortlessly into artistic photography. This set with Eliana, a professional ballet dancer of Ukrainian descent, is one of my favorites, combining fluid movement with evocative expression." ~ Gabriel View full article →
July 14, 2014


Wide Open Eyes

Photographer: Wolf189
Model: Stacey D.
Poem: Wolf189

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