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Our Story

Cheryl Ting - Anika Dali

I’m Anika Dali and I came alive in 2011 to share my love for beautiful, elegant and fascinating things that mesmerize and saturate us with pleasure, inside and out.

 Who am I? Well, I'm a fantasy. I’m a curious, exotic, mysterious and intoxicating woman soul, perhaps even the feminine aspect of the eccentric Salvatore Dali, an impassioned artist whose over the top antics fascinates me. My travels and adventures have shaped my point of view and perception, no better or worse than you, and certainly as unique and interesting as each one of us. Maybe, I’m just a part of you!

I offer a highly curated collection of charming fashion accessories featuring scarves, jewelry and bags that are modern, exotic, eclectic, and delicately quirky to compliment the wearer’s persona.

I'm known to obsess over my textile selections, their texture and feel, the mélange of colors meticulously screen-printed, embellished or embroidered by the hands of highly skilled artisans world-over who have honed their exquisite craft over several generations. I have a special affinity for eccentric and whimsical ‘conversational’ prints and I use them to make my scarves/ wraps/ shawls light hearted, fun and flirty.  

- Live. Love. Laugh. Embrace yourself. -
Be everything you want to BE.