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Type of Scarves


Garments designed to be worn as an outer garment and to keep the body warm. This apparel is sleeveless and worn similarly to a poncho. Typically, capes are long garments covering only the back-half of the body and fastened around the neck.

Infinity (Circle or Loop):

A circular scarf, never-ending, almost like a necklace with no clasp. Simply place over the neck, twist and loop to create a desirable look. These scarves come in various sizes, styles and material.


A scarf typically the same size as a handkerchief and is worn around the neck. In recent times, it has become very fashionable to wear a neckerchief on one's purse or handbag as an accessory.


A single large sheet of fabric with an opening in the center for the head. This accessory is designed to be worn as an outer garment to keep the body warm during the cold and dry during the rain.


Come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with rectangles and squares being the most common. The best way to describe a shawl is to envision a large swath of cloth, designed to be wrapped loosely around the neck, shoulders, and upper body. Many shawls are also large enough to cover the head.