Google+ Men's Charleston Extreme Rugged Square Cotton Shemagh Fashion Scarf - Anika Dali

Charleston Extreme Rugged Square Cotton Shemagh Scarf

Striking black and white houndstooth pattern shemagh arafat style square scarf, rugged and dashing.

Features 'extreme sports inspired' faux chemical wash/ burnt patches sporadically placed to give that macho outdoorsy look men love to rock.

Infuse edginess and machismo, wear it jeans and a basic tee, casual and cool. Think extreme sports trekking the Himalayas, traversing the Sahara, motocross, mountain biking, snowboarding...or just sweating it out at a game in 100F weather.

100% Premium Natural Cotton. Approx. 38"L x 38"W. Rugged, five inch tassels on all corners.

Classic and bold scarves for the modern men by Anika Dali. Imported.

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